Metadata, find out more.

Metadata, find out more. It is a powerful, mostly free tool for your books!

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The OUCH heard around the world! Kindle

The OUCH heard around the world! Kindle pulled from Target. Start of a ripple? Will it grow to a WAVE?

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Broke Hungry & Happy, by RaeAnn Norell f

Broke Hungry & Happy, by RaeAnn Norell featured at Boise Weekly. Great article about Dangerous Dave Norell and the life that inspired everyone he met.

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Foresight: Foresight is a learned skill

Foresight: Foresight is a learned skill that requires a combination of reflection, good data, experience, and…

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#TheRubaiyat in Caldw

#TheRubaiyat in Caldwell ID! Great bookstore. Wonderful for author signings. Food Wine FUN!

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Eternus 5 Star Review! LiveToRead @Icecr

Eternus 5 Star Review! LiveToRead @Icecream1891–Great Read, don’t miss it!

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Dark Side of Justice, the first in the D

Dark Side of Justice, the first in the Dark Justice Series by renowned Forensic Scientist, Raymond Davis! Must Read!

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Fidel Nshombo guest speaking for National Women’s Day convention at BSU Monday, Mar 5

Fidel Nshombo will begin the evening with poetry readings regarding war crimes against women.
Event begins at 7PM at the Special Event Center at BSU on Monday, March 5.
1880 W. University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725
7-8 PM

Justine Masika Bihamba will focus the evening on the same topic and will talk about her role in the promotion of women’s rights in the Congo.

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Truth and Consequences

Read all about truth and consequences in local author/futurist John Luthy’s latest blog post!

Who is right is not important, but what is right is critical at a time when every resource and every minute counts.”

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Congratulations Rae Ann Norell on a successful book signing!

Last night Rae Ann Norell signed copies of her book “Broke Hungry and Happy” at the Idaho Outdoor Association. The crowd was inspired by the story of her son “Dangerous Dave” who lived his short yet full life to the extreme. Dave was an extreme kayaker who starred in and produced several kayaking films (which Rae Ann showed during the signing), participated in triathlons, and traveled the world – all before his 24th birthday. Rae Ann’s story, though heart-wrenching, is an inspiration to all and not one we, or her readers, will soon forget.

Rae Ann Norell (right) snaps a photo with a few eager fans.

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