Fidel Nshombo guest speaking for National Women’s Day convention at BSU Monday, Mar 5

Fidel Nshombo will begin the evening with poetry readings regarding war crimes against women.
Event begins at 7PM at the Special Event Center at BSU on Monday, March 5.
1880 W. University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725
7-8 PM

Justine Masika Bihamba will focus the evening on the same topic and will talk about her role in the promotion of women’s rights in the Congo.

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Summerland: Robin Hood Returns

The second in the series of author David Vahlberg will release in the new year.

A sneak peek of the cover?

Cover is in preliminary stages, but you can see it here!

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Rae Ann Norell, Broke Hungry & Happy

Broke Hungry & Happy book interview.

Congratulations Rae Ann Norell!

Rae Ann will be interviewed on KTVB Channel 7 news at 12Pm on December 27th!

Great job getting your book out there Rae Ann! We cant wait to see you!

Author Signing June 2011


Sylvia Griffin, Janice Hildreth, Jim Manley, Karen Swanson


Love Your GI Son
Call For News
Little Black Schoolhouse
Hellside Elementary
Reading, Righting, and Revenge
Sunday’s Promise
Monday’s New Beginning 
Hastings books signing went great! Congratulations to all the authors!

Free My Heart of Grief to Love

Sandra Bernsen brings the overwhelming loss of her children and her spouse to the readers.

Follow Sandra as her journey takes her through the loss of everything she held dear to her realization that God had embraced her the entire time through her years long tribulations. Sandra will give you hope in what ever your struggles are.

Visit Sandra at,

Fall and Recovery

Congratulations, Diane Prebula!

Diane Prebula is the inspired author of Fall and Recovery, a collection of poetry inspired by life’s trials and the women she assists in her daily life.

Proceeds from this book go to City Light for women and children. Diane’s passion is to help the mother’s and children in her community to successfully navigate their way back to successful survival in society after challenges in their lives caused them to lose all they once had.

Diane, your words are a bandage that helps heal the wounds for these families. You are an inspiration.

Visit City Light for Women at,

Visit Diane Prebula’s website at,

Broke Hungry and Happy

RaeAnn Norell is the amazing author of Broke Hungry & Happy.

This book is dedicated to Dangerous Dave Norell, the beloved and miss son of RaeAnn. His passion for life and kayaking became an inspiration to others that drew people to him.

While passing away young, he left a legacy of love to his family and friends.

Broke Hungry & Happy takes the reader on the journey through Dave’s international journeys and RaeAnn’s path from the loss of her son, to sharing her peace over the tragedy with others.

RaeAnn will be signing books at the local Idaho kayak water parks this summer as well as sports stores around the area.

Visit Dangerous Dave Norell’s website at

Frankfurt International Bookfair

Great choice, Douglas Armentrout!

Douglas chose to have his book, Anah’ Jari File on display at the Frankfurt International Bookfair in Germany! His book is on the Frankfurt Bookfair website for the entire year.

Watch your inbox for additional opportunities like this for your book.