Quote of the day, “A typeface is an alphabet in a straitjacket.”

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Great day after Christmas

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Merry Christmas and blessings to all! We at Borderline pray your family and friends are all well!

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Good Morning: It’s All About Breakfast

The smell of bacon. The sound of frying eggs and dishes clanking together. The aroma of fresh coffee. Your taste buds quiver and your mouth begins to water at the though of soft, fluffy homemade pancakes.

Who doesn’t love the morning? A great breakfast is a wake up call to your senses and begins your day wrapped in a blanket of love.

Good Morning: It’s All About Breakfast, will be released in the new year. recipes are a collection of award-winning breakfast recipes cooked over the years by author, Larry Mitchell. Award winning at the breakfast table to competion cooking, Larry is well-known among his family, friends and acquaintances as the ‘Go To’ for all things edible. Now his expertise is being made available to you!

Coming in early 2012, you wont want to miss this! Your belly will thank you!

Breakfast recipies to sink your spatula into!

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Summerland: Robin Hood Returns

The second in the series of author David Vahlberg will release in the new year.

A sneak peek of the cover?

Cover is in preliminary stages, but you can see it here!

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Rae Ann Norell, Broke Hungry & Happy

Broke Hungry & Happy book interview.

Congratulations Rae Ann Norell!

Rae Ann will be interviewed on KTVB Channel 7 news at 12Pm on December 27th!

Great job getting your book out there Rae Ann! We cant wait to see you!

Second Store Record Broken!

Sales from Quilts and Capers from one local store that broken that stores record, also out did the biggest author signing from another local store, by more than half!



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Quilts and Capers breaks store record

Quantity sold from the author signing of Quilts and Capers, broke the store record!

Monte Hobson had a record-breaking author signing Saturday December 10th at Hastings!

44 books were sold and the amount paid was over $330.00!

Way to go Monte! Monte’s fan base came from all over the valley to support him and his wife Donna. The line stretched to the front door at times.

The book is about adoption and the path through searching and finding lost members of one’s family. Representatives of the organizations that assisted Monte and his brother were there supporting the author as well.

This book will inspire anyone going through this journey.

To view more information on Quilts and Capers, go to: http://www.crookedriverpress.com/Quilts-and-Capers.html

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Author Signing June 2011


Sylvia Griffin, Janice Hildreth, Jim Manley, Karen Swanson


Love Your GI Son
Call For News
Little Black Schoolhouse
Hellside Elementary
Reading, Righting, and Revenge
Sunday’s Promise
Monday’s New Beginning 
Hastings books signing went great! Congratulations to all the authors!

Book Signing Dec 10

Quilts and Capers, Fall and Recovery and Eternus

Three authors were available on December 10th for the author signing at Hastings.

Great time authors, Monte Hobson, Diane Prebula and Kimberli Reynolds!